The two problems

1. How do we ensure that children wash their hands properly?
2. How will hand hygiene work in facilities for children? When 27 children come out of the break? 22 boys playing soccer? The children’s orchestra rehearses?

The solution: Bubblody the automatic soap dispenser with musical timer. 20 melodic seconds ensure that children wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. As well as pure bubblody – the robust automatic disinfection dispenser enables quick hand hygiene in large groups.

With Bubblody clean out of lockdown!

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Bubblody – 20 seconds that make the difference: hand hygiene can be child’s play.

The corona pandemic is causing uncertainty worldwide. What helps against the transmission of viruses and how can you best protect yourself? The WHO recommends hand washing as a simple security measure against viral infections worldwide. But what is the best technology? How long should you wash your hands, and what should you use?

Don’t give germs a chance

Scientific research by WHO shows that 20 seconds of thorough hand washing is the gold standard for eliminating germs. An important hygienic routine, which will stay with us even after the pandemic is long gone.

But what is difficult for adults, is even more difficult for children. Which child knows exactly when 20 seconds are over? And: aren’t 20 seconds of hand washing totally boring? Then time is often cut in half …

Timing through Bubblody

This is where Bubblody comes in – the musical soap dispenser. With it, everyone, whether small or large, succeeds in precisely keeping the time for hygienically effective hand washing. And that without getting bored or stressed by uncertainty. Bubblody is a soap dispenser with an integrated music chip that is triggered by infrared and plays a melody for 20 seconds, thereby specifying the length of hand washing.

No need for soap sheriffs

Due to the timing of the built-in music chip, you and your kids are always on the safe side when washing your hands with this soap dispenser. The best possible washing result combined with the security and peace-of-mind that those under your supervision should wash their hands properly.

The built-in music chip allows you to adhere to WHO recommendations. The trick: As soon as liquid soap is dispensed, a sound chip is activated that plays funny music for exactly 20 seconds. 20 seconds in which washing hands for children becomes fun and gives adults the secure feeling of getting the best washing result. For your own health and that of your children. Some things are difficult to describe but easy to remove: The music-playing soap dispenser Bubblody ensures 20 seconds of hand washing.

Better disinfect than not wash at all!

In the near future, children will be required to maintain hand hygiene if they come in from outside. For example from the big break. Then when everyone goes to the sink and wash and dry their hands according to the official recommendations, the class is quickly over. It makes more sense to disinfect your hands with disinfectant. Each child triggers the donor and continues.

Donate hand hygiene: The 5for1 program

That’s why we offer two ways to donate Bubblody. Either by direct donation or through the 5for1 program. We donate one Dispenser for every five Bubblody you support. he facilities are named by you, the bakers. After the campaign ends, we will ask you for your addresses and the addresses of the institutions you would like to support. With Bubblody, we as parents would like to make our contribution to ensuring that children have fun washing their hands at home and that our children’s facilities can be fully available to our children as soon as possible. This is only possible with practical hand hygiene. That means with Bubblody. Help us to help the children.

Time schedule

We put Bubblody through its paces. The music chip is fully developed and prototypes are used privately and in a professional environment (school and sports). The Bubblody are produced immediately after the campaign ends and either delivered immediately or equipped with the special music chip.

What else

When shipping abroad, the sales tax and any taxes, fees and customs must be borne by the backer. We do not guarantee clean hands. We only deliver the dispenser.



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