Not every idea will fit inside the product builder, some are already used by start-ups or are simply too complex to be sold as a standalone product on the innovation market. Therefore Rapid.Incubation helps selected start-ups with financial resources, networking, mentoring other know-how to accelerate the prosperous young. Also complex products from the product builder can be matched with one of our entrepreneurial teams to ensure their way from an idea to a buyable innovation.

How will Rapid.Incubation help Start-Ups?

Within the Rapid.Incubation process the most attractive innovation- and technology-driven start-ups will be offered entrepreneurship knowhow and access to the Rapid.Network. Outstandingly, the entrepreneurs can fully focus on what they are best in, usually, product development. Everything else can be done by Gluce and their partners. The start-ups further profit from an unparalleled hands-on mentor from their specific industry who is financially incentivised to make the start-up successful. Additionally, the Rapid.Network of investors, experts, and consultants from university and businesses like McKinsey, Google, Bosch and BMW aim to push the start-ups further. Another unique feature of the Rapid.Incubation process is that it can provide the teams with an HR-backup if, for example, a developer drops out. This way, the start-up – in which Gluce invested during the process – will prosper.

During each batch Gluce plans to provide the start-ups with some cash/seed investment to operate – which, unique to Rapid.Incubation, depends on what the start-up needs to realize their idea – for which Gluce receives some shares.


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