1-2-sports community is now part of GLUCE

1-2-sports was once one of the technically leading sports platforms in German-speaking countries, that offered extensive training management options for more than 220 kind of sports. Professional, recreational and amateur athletes use the community to motivate each other and achieve new records. 

GLUCE, especially the Product.Buildergives great importance to innovations in the sports sector. Accordingly, GLUCE and 1-2-sports are a perfect match and together create a test area for future sports innovations that are developed in the Product.Builder. With the addition of 1-2-sports, GLUCE secures know-how in the field of sports as well as a community of technically affine, active athletes who can make valuable contributions to the development and testing of GLUCE. 

The first result of this association is a new app for improving personal fitness! More information on that will follow soon on the GLUCEblog. 

Further information will be provided in our Blog, our website and our social media channels. If you have ideas or questions, we would be happy if you contact us via E-Mail (info@gluce.com) or via our social media channels.