Germany is a land of inventors and engineers. Unfortunately, only every fiftieth engineer is starting a company with an innovative product. For these, there is a wide range of funding, accelerators, incubators, and so on. For the remaining inventors, there is virtually no offer. Especially not for those who want to work on their invention, but still want to keep their day job. Thus, most ideas never become products. GLUCE helps people transform their ideas into new products. The process of bringing an idea to life can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Our team of innovation professionals answers all your questions with knowledge and confidentiality, step by step walking you through the wonderful world of inventing. Helping you to transform your invention design idea and product development projects to marketable products with GLUCE.


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Gluce wants to create a colourful and ultimately better world by creating an innovation machine as the go to place for inventors to turn ideas into innovations.

Gluce multiplies the pool of actionable ideas, enabling inventors to concentrate on the creative process, by providing knowledge, network, methods and financial support, to give every idea the chance to become a successful innovation.

4 pillars of the GLUCE ecosystem

GLUCE is setting up a system to foster innovation: developing ideas into innovative products and high scale ventures – as a service. Every person is able to join and profit from the success.

To achieve this goal the GLUCE ecosystem consists of 4 pillars:



The innovation academy offers inventors, be it an individual or a start-up, tools to develop and evaluate their ideas. These tools and lessons consist of prototyping, market research, marketing, production and legal information. In addition, everyone joining the academy will become part of the innovation community where you they can discuss and develop their ideas with each other and our network of experts.


After evaluating their ideas further, it is time to start producing the innovative product. The product builder offers all services around an inventor’s idea, from development to marketability, and above all marketing, always in direct contact with the inventor and in close cooperation with our network of experts.


While the production and marketing is handled in the product builder, GLUCE also offers a marketplace to sell these innovative products: the innovation market. The innovation market will be the go-to-place for people looking to buy the latest innovations, therefor not only products from the product or company builder will be sold but also third-party innovations.


Finally, not all ideas will fit inside the product builder, some will be already used by start-ups or some may be too simple or too complex to be sold as a product. Therefore Rapid.Incubation helps selected start-ups with financial resources, networking, mentoring other know-how to accelerate the prosperous young businesses or complex products from the product builder.


Founded by Philipp G. Schwarz in 2019, GLUCE helps people transform their ideas into products. Our team is based out of Frankfurt and Tübingen. We are a small group of passionate marketers, committed to the success of our clients and making ideas become reality.

Stephan Dabels Head Incubator, besitzt Neckarhub als zukünftigen Incubator
Philipp Schwarz Head Product as a Service
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