Famous Failures 

Some of the world’s most successful people have failed- sometimes more than once.

Failures occur daily, it’s irritating, unavoidable and can wreak havoc on one’s self-esteem, but next time it happens to you take a step back and connect with a few people that endured failure and lived to tell about it. Hopefully, these stories inspire you to keep going!

We’ve put together a list of indisputably successes, who experienced massive failure before they found fame and fortune. And had any of these people taken their rejections and failures as the end, we wouldn’t have a lot of the amazing things we have today.

STEVE JOBS – his early life was so full of failures that he dropped out of college to travel the world and study Zen Buddhism. At 30 years old, he was left depressed and devastated after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started.

OPRAH WINFREY – was demoted from her job as a news anchor because the producer felt she “wasn’t fit for television.”

THOMAS EDISON – his teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He also got fired from not one, but two jobs for not being suitably productive.

WALT DISNEY – can you imagine your childhood without Disney? Walt was fired from a newspaper because his editor felt he “lacked imagination” and “had no good ideas.” Legend has it that he was turned down 302 times before he got financing for creating Disneyland.

JAMES DYSON – took him 5,126 failed prototypes, in addition to completely wiping out his savings over the course of 15 years before creating the patent that turned his idea into reality. Now, Dyson is the best-selling bagless vacuum brand in America.

ALBERT EINSTEIN – didn’t start speaking until he was four, reading until he was seven, and was thought to be mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social. His teachers said he would “never amount to much.”

J.K. ROWLING – was a single mom living off welfare when she began writing the first “Harry Potter” novel. Furthermore, the novel was rejected by 12 different publishing houses before Bloomsbury accepted it.

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