In order to tap the huge innovative potential sleeping in every society, GLUCE offers many services to inventors and those aspiring to become one.

The innovation academy will host a community of inventors and experts where ideas can flourish and become reality. It offers a framework that guides inventors from their idea to the needed product specification.

With the product specification, the inventors can then move on to the next stage: producing, marketing and selling their inventions. At this point, inventors can use the services of the product builder, where GLUCE offers all services around an inventor’s idea, from development to marketability, and above all marketing, always in direct contact with the inventor and together with GLUCE network partners.

However, not all ideas will fit in the product builder, some are already used by start-ups or are simple or too complex to be sold as a standalone product on the innovation market. These ideas will find a home in the Rapid.Incubation process. Rapid.Incubation will help existing or newly founded start-ups with financial resources, networks and know-how to accelerate the prosperous young businesses.


The academy offers inventors, be it an individual or a start-up, tools to develop and evaluate their ideas. These basic tools and lessons consist of prototyping, market research, marketing, production and legal information. In addition, everyone joining the academy will become a part of the innovation community where they can discuss and develop their ideas with each other and the experts from the GLUCE network.


The academy doesn’t only offer all the information and methods that the inventors will need to further develop their inventions, the academy will also become a go-to place for innovative minds to connect, discuss their ideas or even come up with new ideas together. The GLUCE experts will also be a part of this community, spreading their knowledge and helping inventors to develop and evaluate their ideas.


The curriculum of the academy will be split into multiple topics which will be broken down into 10-20-minute-long podcasts/videos that will give the inventors all the tools they need to make their ideas become reality. Here is a preliminary overview of the curriculum:

  • Creativity & innovation management
  • Entrepreneurial strategy & business model generation
  • Law for entrepreneurs / international contractual management
  • writing & presentation techniques
  • Negotiation & conflict management
  • Building and leading teams
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Entrepreneurial finance & risk management
  • Quantitative & qualitative research methods
  • Global strategic management
  • Economics and entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Find your challenge or opportunity
  • Develop ideas and turn them into solutions
  • Test and improve your solutions
  • Develop a business model and write a business plan
  • Business analysis & planning
  • Information systems & e-business


You have got a great idea – and you want to make sure it is brought to reality. GLUCE offers the right catalogue of services to support you in this journey – regardless of your intended level of involvement.

GLUCE’s goal is to help you turn your idea into a new product. We specialize in developing innovative products/inventions from sports and fitness equipment to electronic consumer goods. Currently, we are very close to showcase two of innovative products – one being the First Barefoot Treadmill and the other The Blue Lagoon Hyper LED Powered Sports Watch.

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Not every idea will fit inside the product builder, some will be already used by start-ups or some will be too simple or too complex to be sold as a standalone product on the innovation market. Therefore the Company Builder helps selected start-ups with financial resources, networking, mentoring other know-how to accelerate the prosperous young businesses. Additionally, complex products from the product builder can be matched with one of our entrepreneurial teams to ensure their way from an idea to a buyable innovation.

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