GLUCE Founder Interview with Moritz v. Grotthuss

Moritz v. Grotthuss (LinkedIn) is our third interview partner for our GLUCE founder interview series. He is the co-founder of BAREWAYS GmbH, which has made it its mission to provide advanced mobility services for all regions and roads in the world that have been neglected up to now.

Today’s mobility services and intelligent vehicles focus almost exclusively on metropolitan areas, cities and paved roads. They require perfect road conditions, ubiquitous connectivity and the latest vehicle sensor technologies. In contrast, you have to know that 80% of all roads worldwide are unpaved. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast looking for the next adventure or a professional driver delivering goods in the outback, the effects of road and weather conditions, vehicle parameters and personal driving skills are much more pronounced than in large cities. BAREWAYS helps you to reach your destination safely.

The GLUCE founder interview with Moritz v. Grotthuss:

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