GLUCE opens innovation market

This week, GLUCE opens the gates to the Innovation Market. There the products of our inventors and start-ups are offered for sale and it enables you to hold our innovations in your hands as quickly as possible. You can find the Innovation Market at . 

Due to the Corona crises we already have a fitting product in the shop: 

Bubblody – The automatic soap dispenser with music timer 

Hand hygiene is essential, especially in corona times, but is still difficult to maintain. Bubblody, the automatic soap dispenser with music timer, offers a solution. 20 melodic seconds ensure that adults and especially children wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Thanks to the integrated proximity sensor, the soap is dispensed without contact, thus avoiding unnecessary risks. 

The dispenser itself is built for absolute durability, robustness and continuous use and thus fits in your own bathroom but also in kindergarten, schools and other public facilities. Bubblody can be used both as a soap dispenser and as a disinfectant dispenser, depending on what is needed at the current location. 

You can find more information about Bubblody in the Innovation Market. 

If you have ideas or questions, we would be happy if you contact us via E-Mail ( or via our social media channels.