How famous companies got their names?  

What’s in a name? said William Shakespeare. But, would a rose by another name smell as sweet? Frankly, no one knows.  

Every company has a story behind its name, whether it is a startup, a fashion brand, a tech company or any other. If you have ever wondered how some of your favorite brands got their world-famous names, read on, because we’ve rounded up the origin stories behind the names of some of the world’s most instantly recognizable companies.

  • AMAZON – Jeff Bezos chose Amazon because the name started with the letter “A”, hence it would appear at the beginning of any alphabetical list. Additionally, he also liked the name because the Amazon river was different, exotic and largest in the world, much like his vision for his company Amazon.  
  • IKEA – Founder Ingvar Kamprad formed this name by combining his initials, I.K., with the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and the village where he grew up. 
  • ADIDAS – The company name was taken from its founder Adolf (Adi) Dassler whose first name was shortened to the nickname Adi. Together with the first three letters of his last name, it formed Adidas.  
  • GOOGLE – Originally called BackRub, the search giant got its name through a fortunate misspelling. While brainstorming names, a fellow graduate student at Stanford, suggested “googolplex” that was shortened to “googol” by the founder Larry Page. However, in searching for the domain name, the name was accidentally typed as “”  
  • TWITTER – The founders of Twitter wanted something that “captured the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket.” While they initially thought of “twitch”, but they felt it didn’t “bring up the right imagery.” They looked through the dictionary at words around “twitch,” and settled for “twitter”.  
  • COCA COLA – Derived from the coco leaves and kola nuts used as flavoring. Founder John S. Pemberton changed the ‘K’ of kola to ‘C’ to make the name look better.  

We cannot end this blog without explaining how GLUCE got its name. Hence, here we go 😊 

The founders at GLUCE realized that Germany has no invention, but a product development and marketing problem. Due to this, most ideas never become products and many ingenious inventions never see “the light of the day.”  

The founders believe in creating a happier, colorful and ultimately a better world by creating an innovation machine as the go to place for inventors. And this is how GLUCE i.e. “Give Love to User Centered Experiences” gets its name.  

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