How to come up with innovations

At GLUCE we help you to turn your ideas into innovative, profitable products. But how can you come up with problems to solve and finally find a suiting solution? Today we show you some technics to facilitate your idea generating process.  

If you want to invent something, it is all about knowing which questions to ask yourself: What problems are there and what can you think of to solve themMost products focus on a specific problem and attempt to solve it: Your hair is too long (problem) – go to a hairdresser (solution); You need to cut something (problem) – buy a knife (solution). Think about existing problems in a particular area of your knowledge or interest and then look for new ways to solve them. Here are some methods to focus your thinking process in order to come up with a new idea: 

  • Brainstorm: The process of innovation starts with brainstorming. Think about a problem and just write down any ideas at all that come to mind. Then look at each idea and thoroughly examine its possibilities. 
  • Stay flexible: Be flexible while thinking about a problem and its solution. Looking at it from different angles allows you to see and consider more possibilities. 
  • Think critically: Critical thinking lets you to compare your idea in contrast to any existing solution. To see different aspects of a problem/solution, ican also be helpful to break the problem down into smaller parts. 
  • Train your thinking skills: To improve your innovative thinking process, try to think of as many problems around a common object, such as a car, and find the easiest solutions for around 5 minutes day. This will put you in the correct innovative mindset and hone your idea generating process. 
  • Stay positive: Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you produce a lot of ideas, but it seems to take a long time to find one that might work. As long as you learn to think about solutions to problems you encounter, some of them will have great potential. 

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