GLUCE sets up a system to foster innovation from innovative products to high scale ventures solving a global problem. Every person can participate and profit from the success.

A Security Token Offering (STO) will start in Q3 2020. A STO is comparable to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or to a Bond with pay back options backpacked with real company assets and profit return.

GLUCE offers security tokens to investors to accumulate funding for Innovation Academy, Product Builder, Innovation Market and Rapid.Incubation. The funding will be used to accelerate early stage start-ups and product development. The revenue will be given back to the investors via token buy-back. By aligning all relevant players via tokenization GLUCE creates a win-win situation for inventors, start-ups, investors and GLUCE itself.


The Academy offers inventors the opportunity to define their inventions in product specifications. The course material such as documents, tests and videos are developed in close cooperation with the Product Builder and the Company Builder to fit both their needs. Inventors will pay a small fee to use the academy.


The Product Builder turns selected product specifications into products. The result on the one hand is a completed project including the corresponding documentation and a problem / solution fit and prototype. The products can be manufactured “at the push of a button”, meaning that suppliers and partners are defined, and marketing, packaging and legal aspects have been planned out. Individual projects can either be sold as a whole or brought into the Company Builder, where the idea becomes a separate start-up. Teams from the Company Builder can draw on this expertise (and/or services) as well, particularly in product development but also in marketing and branding.


The Innovation Market primarily serves to market the products developed in the Product Builder. The revenue of these products will be shared between GLUCE, the token holders and the corresponding inventor. In addition to “in-house developments”, innovative products from third parties or start-ups from the Company Builder can be sold as well.


The Company Builder operates as an incubator. For an individual investor, investing into Start-ups requires a lot of research (time) and money, therefor they can rarely participate in Start-ups investments because the investment is too big for them to handle on their own. Additionally, investing in a single Start-Up has a high risk of failure. GLUCE and the Company Builder will provide an extensive research and selection process for the start-ups willing to take part in the Company Builder in order to invest only in the most promising start-ups. Based on the tokenization with the STO, every investor can participate in GLUCE’S start-up investment regardless of their investment volume. And finally, the investments will be split over several Start-Ups to reduce the risk of total failure. After the start-ups went through the Company Builder process, GLUCE aims to sell the start-up shares as soon as possible (first-in, first-out). The resulting revenue will be given back to the token holders.


Although GLUCE is interested in all innovations, we have some industries that we will not support:

Atomic energy and fossil fuels
Arms or defense industry
Genetic engineering

We also strictly reject child labor and animal experiments.


Here you get access to relevant information regarding the GLUCE Token:

White Paper/Security Information Sheet
Token Logic
Benefits of Investing through Token
GLUCE STO and taxes

Interview with GLUCE founder Philipp G. Schwarz:


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