GLUCE Founder Interview with Moritz v. Grotthuss


Moritz v. Grotthuss (LinkedIn) is our third interview partner for our GLUCE founder interview series.…

Second inventor interview with Tobi Deckert, founder of ShredRack and Tronature


Tobi Deckert ( Website / Instagram ) is our second inventor at GLUCE. Tobi is the founder of ShredRack…

How famous companies got their names?  


What’s in a name? said William Shakespeare. But, would a rose by another name smell as…

Famous Failures 


Some of the world’s most successful people have failed- sometimes more than once. Failures occur…

How to come up with innovations


At GLUCE we help you to turn your ideas into innovative, profitable products. But how can you come up…

1-2-sports community is now part of GLUCE


1-2-sports was once one of the technically leading sports platforms in German-speaking countries, that offered extensive training management…

GLUCE and Neckar-Hub combine powers to form an innovation machine


With the Neckar-Hub, GLUCE is pleased to have found a reliable and competent partner for start-up…

GLUCE opens innovation market


This week, GLUCE opens the gates to the Innovation Market. There the products of our…

I have a new product idea, but I don’t know where to start!


Do you have a new product idea but don’t know where to start in terms…


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