YOGGA – Walk Like A Boss!

One of GLUCE’s latest products, YOGGA is presented at the ISPO 2021 and is in the selection for the ISPO Brandnew award. ISPO Brandnew is the world’s largest platform for start-ups in the sports business. Since 2000, ISPO has been searching for and naming the most promising newcomers in the industry with the help of an interdisciplinary jury of sports experts. Former award winners, among them GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, Nixon or On, shape the market today.

GLUCE is greatly honoured to follow in the footsteps of these sport pioneers with our product YOGGA. But what can be so innovative about a treadmill that it could win such an award?

YOGGA is the first silent treadmill suited for barefoot usage. Our motivation to create this treadmill stems from the limitations that we see and experience in our office be it at home or at work. The limitation of time, space and moreover, the amount of motivation that each individual has to spend each day.

YOGGA uses a unique design and technology to overcome the limited space problem, the build and materials allows it to be light, portable, and convenient, hence mitigating the time and limited motivation problem. YOGGA allows people to effortlessly blend physical activity with their daily lives either at work, home or anywhere else. Using YOGGA will not only offer an easy way to get some physical activity done while working, it is as good for the brain, because walking can increase a person’s creative output by up to 60 percent.

For the development of YOGGA we partnered with a leading yoga mat producer and combined the benefits of yoga and walking in this under-desk treadmill. YOGGA is so brand-new, that for now it is only available for pre order via Mail. For the early bird price of 499€.

Highlights of YOGGA:

  • Yogga is the first cushioned treadmill
  • Yogga is compact and easy to use
  • Simple and elegant design for a reasonable price point
  • Yogga’s innovative yoga surface makes it suitable for barefoot usage
    • The ökotex certied material is hygienic, silent, has excellent cushioning and is pleasantly soft
  • Yogga is designed in a way to make no disturbing noises, allowing it’s use at work or during a meeting
  • With Yogga you get to increase your intelligence and creativity while at work and to something good for your body at the same time