In addition to YOGGA, the first low-noise treadmill, GLUCE is currently developing a sophisticated new training method, called YOUBETTERTRAIN, an app for permanent, ongoing and therefore targeted fitness training.


Together with sports scientists and athletes, we have selected and developed exercises and combined them with a unique algorithm. In this way we ensure that every user trains holistically and always at the optimal level. Youbettertrain sends you four exercises every day from different categories, such as strength, speed, balance, etc. For each exercise there is an explanation including a video. An exercise takes about three minutes.

We firmly believe in the importance of sport for each individual but also in professional sport. Therefore, with youbettertrain, we have taken a path in which both users and top athletes can benefit.

According to our knowledge, the combination of “carrot and stick” is most likely to lead to the fact that the training that should be done is actually carried out and isn’t interrupted or canceled due to a lack of motivation. Therefore we not only cheer you on, but also remind you regularly about the exercises to be done,  because the old wisdom “constant dripping wears away the stone” applies particularly to one’s own body.

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